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Our mission is to facilitate the development and realization of your vision. We provide economic and community development consulting to business owners, nonprofits and government entities, helping you build, grow and plan for the future. From day one, we’ll be in your corner.

Grant Writing

At the local, state, regional and federal levels, grant dollars exist to help nonprofits, small businesses and government entities achieve their goals. Our experienced team evaluates grant opportunities, then drafts, applies and manages the entire grant writing experience on behalf of our clients.

Community Development

The small businesses and nonprofits that exist in Mahoning Valley are interwoven into the tapestry of our work. Through our Small Business Start-up and Consulting services, we help businesses grow and plan for the future, and get nonprofits up and running with the tools they need for success. 

Economic Development

In every economic and community development conversation, there is a political and government body at work. Our team is deeply experienced in navigating the political waters of these conversations to bring forward workable solutions for all parties.

Urban Regional Planning

Economic development and urban planning are inherently linked in the goal of shaping the health and prosperity of a region – but too often, urban planning comes as an afterthought of economic development. We believe they go hand-in-hand, and approach each of our projects with that goal in mind.

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