Grant Writing

Government Contracts & procurement

What KO Consulting
can offer you

Grants are an excellent way for small businesses and non-profits to leverage funds. Grants can be risky as they do not offer guaranteed funding, and sometimes operate on long application cycles. With 10 years of experience in grant writing, KO has the expertise to help your organization identify, research, and write grants.

Specifically, we offer assistance with:

  • Researching contract requirements
  • Writing proposals
  • Setting up structures for grant drawdown
  • Executing the grant
  • Grant reporting and monitoring that meets federal standards
  • Government Contracts and Procurement

    Government procurement in the United States is the process by which the federal, state and local government bodies in the United States acquire goods, services (including construction), and interests in real property. In FY 2016 alone, the US Federal Government spent $461 billion on contracts.

    At KO, we have experience navigating the procurement process and can ensure if you have a product that is eligible for government purchase, we can assist with this process and government contracting.