The Greener Futures Fund

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Overview of The
Greener Futures Fund

The Greener Futures Fund is a Social Impact Investing Fund based in the Mahoning Valley. Nestled in a web of cities targeted for investment and economic development by the federal government, the Mahoning Valley is full of opportunity. While many social impact

investment funds focus on basic goods and services such as housing, healthcare, or infrastructure, the Greener Futures Fund is developing a diverse portfolio of investments that also includes green industrial manufacturing.

Goal One

Leverage existing infrastructure and economic development incentives to support ongoing growth in the community.

Goal Two

Revitalize manufacturing in the Mahoning Valley by developing new, environmentally responsible products at scale.

Goal Three

Reinvest locally to revitalize communities.

Why should you pursue impact investing?

Long Term Returns

Through our Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, we can offer long term reductions in taxes on new capital gains. Through our local partnership, we can offer competitive tax incentives to investors. We also offer supportive services to make new businesses successful long term, increasing returns and reducing risk to investors.

Create Economic Resilience

By promoting diverse group of locally owned companies, the Greener Futures Fund seeks to create deep wells of economic prosperity that are resilient to negative market trends. Developing a skilled workforce to expand operations by investing in local educational partnerships will also expand the existing workforce to be more inclusive and equitable.

Improve Local Communities

By investing in housing, healthcare, and microlending programs, the Greener Futures Fund seeks to promote a vibrant local economy where prosperity is accessible to all.

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