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A Fresh Wind Catering, a minority woman-owned small business, launches crowdfunding investment campaign through Honeycomb Credit to fund the purchase of food truck, better serve the community and nonprofit partners

Youngstown, OH – October 5, 2021 – Local catering company A Fresh Wind Catering launched a crowdfunding investment campaign on September 22 to fund the purchase of a food truck, enabling owner Trina Williams to better serve her community. The campaign reached 50% of its minimum funding goal in just five days, and exceeded 70% of its minimum goal as of October 4th. With a little less than a month to go, Williams hopes to reach her maximum goal to provide A Fresh Wind Catering the capital needed to purchase a food truck.

A Fresh Wind Catering, owned by local community activist, Rotarian and entrepreneur Trina Williams, launched a unique investment campaign in September with Honeycomb Credit. Founded in 2017, Honeycomb provides capital to growing small businesses from an unusual source; using crowdfunding, business owners can accept investments from their fans, friends, and customers who can earn a return.

“In the first week of the campaign we exceeded 50% of our minimum goal. I’ve been crying tears of joys at the abundance of blessings this community has rained down on me. I’m still in awe and incredibly grateful for everyone who believes in me and this business,” said Williams.

An Oct. 5, 2021 screenshot of Williams’ investment campaign shows funding currently at 71% of minimum goal.

Williams launched A Fresh Wind Catering from her home in 2015, and credits her early success to the support she received from her community, and from people like Pat Kerrigan, Executive Director of Oak Hill Collaborative, who got her set up with her first Facebook page and set of business cards. Soon she grew enough to move into the Commonwealth Kitchen Incubator on Elm Street in Youngstown, where she makes her famous gourmet egg rolls and catering dishes. Williams has catered events across the Mahoning Valley, for everyone from celebrities like Snoop Dogg to political leaders Sherrod Brown and Tim Ryan, and supporting community nonprofits like Inspiring Minds, the League of Women Voters and the YWCA. The purchase of a new food truck will allow A Fresh Wind Catering to expand its reach, but that is only part of the plan.

Williams said “My goal with the food truck is to provide not only a place for A Fresh Wind to grow, but to bring my community along with me. As a black woman-owned small business, it’s a challenge to access the types of funding that might be available for others, and I know I’m not alone in that challenge. The food truck will serve as a catalyst for other small business owners to follow in my footsteps, change their path in life, and pursue something that brings them and their community joy. I’ll rent the truck out to other small start-ups on the days I won’t be using it, to help others who are starting out find a bigger customer base and path forward.”

In addition to partnering with local small businesses, Williams intends to use her food truck to serve local students and provide fundraisers for the nonprofits across the City of Youngstown that she has supported for years.

To get her campaign up and running, Williams partnered with long-time friend and supporter Kristen Olmi, Chief Economic Development Strategist at KO Consulting LLC, a local firm dedicated to helping small businesses and nonprofits in the Mahoning Valley identify the tools and opportunities they need to grow. KO Consulting facilitated the introduction to Honeycomb Credit, and has worked with A Fresh Wind Catering to build and manage the campaign.

“When you have a regional company like Honeycomb Credit, based in Pittsburgh, that can come in and recognize the incredible potential in the Mahoning Valley and in businesses like A Fresh Wind Catering, it’s clear that this is a win-win opportunity,” said Olmi. “This type of campaign, that catalyzes the power of the community to invest in small business – this is Main Street investing, and something we need more of in the Valley. We’re proud to stand beside Trina and support her through this campaign, and proud to see so many people in our community show their support.”

For anyone interested in supporting A Fresh Wind Catering and investing in a local, minority woman-owned small business here in the Valley, please visit the campaign page at, and search for “A Fresh Wind Catering.” The campaign remains open through this month and investment opportunities begin at just $100.


About A Fresh Wind Catering

A Fresh Wind Catering serves the Youngstown-Warren area with unique and delicious food, prepared with love by owner Trina Williams. Trina’s famous gourmet egg rolls have been a favorite across the Valley for many years, serving celebrities, elected officials, and providing delicious food for weddings, special events and community events. A Fresh Wind Catering provides specialized recipes for a happy heart, from our home at the Commonwealth Kitchen Incubator. Learn more at

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Founded in 2017, Honeycomb provides capital to growing small businesses from an unusual source; using crowdfunding, business owners can solicit investments from their fans, friends, and customers who will earn a return.

Honeycomb Credit is a Pittsburgh-based crowdfunding website that connects small businesses looking for expansion capital with community members looking to invest locally. By allowing anyone to invest in their own local economy, Honeycomb Credit aims to unlock growth opportunities for small businesses to build vibrant, financially empowered communities. Businesses can borrow up to $250,000 or more for expansion purposes, and community members can start investing for as little as $100. More at

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